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CoCo North Introduce BYAS - The Bionic Youth Activating System

Published: 4th November 2015

We’re excited to be able to now offer our clients amazing skin rejuvenating BYAS treatments! The Bionic Youth Activating System combines the newest developments in natural active ingredients, with state of the art technology and the latest scientiļ¬c research, to give you incredible results.



We offer a range of BYAS treatments, courses and luxury services, which combine Multi-Synchron-Technology to achieve non-invasive, extremely gentle techniques to strengthen, shape, lift and soften your skin.

Our specialists beauty therapists will use the BYAS system to target and eliminate in the following ways:

Pounds Away: Radio frequency waves generate warmth in the skin with their energy. Their thermal effect causes the entire metabolism of the fat tissue to be strengthened, promoting the breakdown of fat.

Firming: The radio waves also reach down to the connective tissue with 1 MHZ, ensuring that the connective tissue is firmed together with the skin layer above it in the upper layers.

Targeted Modelling: Strengthen slack tissue and soft muscles with Electric Muscle Stimulation. Every programme can be individually graded with three levels of intensity.

Body Forming Gel: Consists of a highly innovative red algae extract with extremely effective body shaping properties, and a special amino acid complex with a particularly firming effect on tissue.

The BYAS anti-ageing face lift system achieves amazing results, so contact the salon here to arrange a FREE consultation to discuss your requirements.

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